Thursday, February 17, 2011

Puerto Rican Coffee

An expreso or pocillo is your standard Italian espresso, brewed in an espresso machine and usually taken black. A local term for expreso is pocillo, which is a reference to the small cups in which the drink is served. Pocillos are very potent and highly-flavorable brews.
The cortadito, which anyone familiar with Cuban coffee will know, is also popular on the island. Mostly enjoyed after lunch or dinner at fine restaurants, it is an expresso layered with a very thin sheen of steamed milk. The name comes from the Spanish, “slightly cut.”
Café con leche is like a latté, but in Puerto Rico it usually involves a large dollop of milk in an even larger full-size cup. These are drunk in the morning, at home, local coffee shops or to help one get through traffic jams in rush hour. Café con leche is similar to the French café au lait.
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