Thursday, February 17, 2011

Coffee Expo next month showcases Puerto Rico’s famous beverage

The steamy cup. The rich aroma. The bubbly rim…Puerto Ricans have a centuries-old love affair with coffee. This was way before coffee houses were hip, and decades before macchiato, dolce latte and mocha were trendy terms.
Our passion for coffee began 274 years ago, according to Cube Group’s Paul González and Orlando Martínez, as they announced “Puerto Rico Coffee Expo (PRCE)” to be held at Miramar’s Puerto Rico Convention Center Sept. 18 and 19.
“Coffee is part of our culture and our heritage, a tradition that is passed from generation to generation — a celebration of who we are,” said González on Tuesday.
Admired and respected as one of the best of the world for ages, Puerto Rican coffee has been preferred by royals, kings and the literary élite who ask for it by name. And even though it was Pope Clement VIII who popularized coffee in the 1600s, locals feel a special connection with the late Pope John Paul II, who visited the island in 1984 and was known to drink our coffee at the Vatican. Due to their distinctive taste and incomparable aroma, local coffee brands have been lauded in Spain, France, Italy, Czechoslovakia, Cuba and Germany, among other countries.
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