Sunday, December 6, 2009

Wedding Day in Rincon Puerto Rico

EV and I were excited as the day of Nov 7, came near..It was going to be our wedding day. Our families were flying in from Long Island,NY and some from Florida. Our families scattered their arrival dates the week before the wedding, All morning flights...that means no sleep for us, it felt like we were waiting for a new arrival every morning...I guess thats because we were!!

It was great to see my mom..havent seen here in a couple years..and it will be the first time down here in Puerto Rico...(She did say it might not be her last!!! She loved it!) and it will be the first time she will be meeting my bride to be..EV(Yvette) They have talked to each other on the phone for years..but never met, Since they talked so much they got along instantly. 

My brother John and his wife Pam..were down here for Easter with their kids Johnny and Samantha, and Sam's friend Sue...When they heard we were getting married in Nov, They were not mad at all.. to have to come back here to Sunny Rincon Puerto Rico... but this time they would not bring the kids... Its all about the adults this

My cuz Dave flew in from Sarasota, Florida to be my best man. We use to hang out a lot in Long Island, NY.. until I uprooted myself and found myslef living in Puerto Rico for the last 5+ years...after I left NY..he left a couple years after that to Florida. We chatted on the phone to keep up with each others lifes, but there is nothing like seeing the person in "person".. if you know what I mean.. 

Ev's Family came in from Florida too..her uncle Tito his wife Sandy... Tito is a old funny guy that likes to drink, and tell jokes and funny stories.. Its one of those things ya like him or you dont....but he is a funny guy..

Ev's Aunts that came in were from Long Island New York, 20 mins from where I grew up...Her aunts Maria, Isabel ..they are funny old ladies that just need a fix that only a Casino can cure...And thats what they did...gamble..

Rhea Maxwell who runs the El Coqui of Rincon newspaper (a newspaper dedicated to news about Rincon Puerto Rico) wrote an artical about us in the December issue. The issue was dedicated to  weddings. Since we were married Nov 7,2009 we made it into her magazine (were on page 20-21). You can see our wedding pictures here:  and you can see our video here:  its mixed in with snorkeling pictures. 

We shut down out Vacation Rental here in Rincon, from Nov 3-11, So we can accommodate ALL of our family.  With 3 Large rentals there was pleanty of room. This is one of first times EV and I were able to enjoy our patio, and boy did we!!! Pleanty of beer, and lobster! And most of all friends and family..and my mom... If your interested in staying at our rental visit us on the web at:  

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